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Quadrangle, Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: the entrance

Holl, Edward (d. 1824)
NOTES: John Rennie was the engineer who surveyed and designed the new Dockyard for Sheerness, which was completed by his son after his death. Edward Holl, civil architect to Admiralty, and his successor George Ledwell Taylor, are thought to be responsible for the designs of the main brick buildings.

HMS Victory, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, Hampshire: the bows and figurehead

Slade, Sir Thomas (1703/4-1771)
NOTES: The Victory was designed by Sir Thomas Slade, the Senior Surveyor of the Navy. She was the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and is best known for her role in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 under the command of Admiral Nelson. She was moved from moorings in Portsmouth Harbour to Number 2 dry dock at Portsmouth Royal Naval Dockyard in 1922 when work began restoring her to her 'fighting' condition of 1805.