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Diving boards & platforms

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Central Baths, Fairfax Road, Coventry: the diving platforms of the teaching pool

Coventry City Architects Department
NOTES: Designed in 1956 and built in 1962-1966, these swimming baths with attached sunbathing terraces were amongst the most ambitious of those built during a short period in the 1960s when such complexes were encouraged. These baths and Swiss Cottage swimming baths, Hampstead, designed by Sir Basil Spence Bonnington & Collins and completed in 1964, were the only complexes of the period to be built with three pools.

Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, seen during the Commonwealth Games of July 1970

Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners
NOTES: This was built for the 1970 Commonwealth Games.

Empire Pool and Arena, Wembley, London: the diving platforms at the east end of the pool hall

Williams, Sir Evan Owen (1890-1969)
NOTES: Built for the 1934 Empire Games, this was the largest covered swimming pool in the world on completion. The pool was capable of being decked over to take an ice skating rink and also a tournament arena. The pool itself was last used for the 1948 Summer Olympics, after which the building has been used for entertainment and known simply as Wembley Arena.

Swiss Cottage Swimming Baths, Hampstead, London: the major pool hall seen from the diving stage

Sir Basil Spence Bonnington & Collins
NOTES: The Swiss Cottage Swimming Baths and Central Library opened in 1964 but the council chamber and administration buildings included in the original masterplan for Hampstead Civic Centre were abandoned in 1966 with the reorganization of local government in London. These baths and Coventry Central Baths, designed by Coventry City Architects Department and completed in 1966, were the only complexes of the period to be built with three pools.

Sports hall, National Recreation Centre, Crystal Palace, London: the diving pool

London County Council. Architects Department

Public swimming baths, Putney, London: the pool hall

Powell & Moya
NOTES: These baths were given an RIBA Architecture Award in 1969.

Open-air swimming pool, Eton College, Berkshire

Louis de Soissons Peacock Hodges Robertson & Fraser

Public swimming pool, Town Centre, Harlow, Essex: the deep end of the pool hall seen from the spectators' gallery

Hinchcliffe, T.
NOTES: A. W. R. Webb was the engineer and surveyor for Harlow Urban District Council and T. Hinchcliffe the chief assistant architect. This swimming pool was demolished in October 2010.