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Dining rooms

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4 Cleveland Square, St. James's, London: the dining room in the basement

Harvey, John Dean Monroe (1895-1978)
NOTES: John D. M. Harvey was responsible for the alterations to 4 Cleveland Square, which allowed the conversion into offices for the British Pacific Trust in 1934. Its address was changed later in the 20th century to 8 Cleveland Row.

Gull Rock, Carlyon Bay, Cornwall: the dining room

Sisson, Marshall Arnott (1897-1978)

Ionic Temple, Rievaulx Terrace, East Yorkshire: the dining pavilion

Robinson, Sir Thomas (c. 1702-1777)
NOTES: Rievaulx Terrace is a half mile long grass terrace which was constructed over a period of eight years from 1749 by Thomas Duncombe II. At each end of the terrace stands a temple: the Doric or Tuscan Temple, and the Ionic Temple. The design of both is attributed to Sir Thomas Robinson. This, the Ionic temple, was intended as a dining pavilion and the basement was fitted out with a kitchen.

Refurbished flat, 42 Upper Brook Street, London: the dining room with view of the living room

Chermayeff, Serge (1900-1996)
NOTES: The rugs were designed by Marion Dorn.

Asylum, or House of Refuge for orphan girls, Lambeth, London: the dining hall

SOURCE: R. Ackermann. The Microcosm of London (London, 1835), vol. I, pl. 5