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Dining rooms

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Clendinning residence, 3 Alwyne Road, Islington, London: the dining room with the 'Maxima' range of furniture

Clendinning, Max (1924-)
NOTES: The walls and ceiling were painted by the architect's partner, Ralph Adron.

37 Bidston Road, Oxton, Birkenhead, Merseyside: the dining room

Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)

Designs for alterations and additions to existing house, Lambton Hall, County Durham: interior perspective of the dining room

Bonomi, Joseph (1739-1808)
NOTES: Bonomi's proposals for Lambton Hall constitute perhaps his most ambitious project for a country house. Many features of the design derive from his unexecuted design for 'a nobleman's country seat' which he exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1785 (RIBA96052- RIBA96053). He prepared three alternative designs (July 1794, August 1794 and February 1795) for the new Hall but with the death of William Henry Lambton in 1797 schemes for complete rebuilding were abandoned and between 1798 and 1801 Bonomi carried out more modest alterations to the existing house. Bonomi's work, if fully executed, was all swept away by Bonomi's son, Ignatius, during the transformation of Lambton Hall into Lambton Castle in the 1820s. This drawing was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1800 (no. 1030).

Design for the dining room sideboard, Munstead Wood, Godalming

Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer (1869-1944)