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Decorative glass

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Bucklersbury House, Queen Victoria Street / Cannon Street, City of London: the main entrance with engraved glass by John Hutton depicting the Mithras legend

Campbell-Jones, Owen (b. 1894)
NOTES: At 15 storeys, Bucklersbury House was the first tall slab to be built following the lifting of restrictions on buildings above 30 metres after the second world war. Demolition of this building and its sister building Temple Court began in 2010 to make way for the new development by Atelier Foster Nouvel to be known as 'Walbrook Square'.

Oviatt Building, 617 South Olive Street, Los Angeles: the main entrance with its Lalique glass decoration

Lalique, Rene (1860-1945)
NOTES: The department store has been restored and converted into a restaurant (which occupies the ground floor) and an office building.

Sketches of a decorative tile, vases and the tomb of St Arnold (or Arnould) near Beauvais

NOTES: These drawings are part of a vellum sketchbook containing studies by Burges of Italian architecture, decoration, birds, flowers and heads.

Designs for Barbican Arts Centre, Barbican Estate, City of London: elevations of glass foyer bar screens designed by Michel Santry

Chamberlin Powell & Bon
NOTES: This complex of arts buildings and housing covers seven acres in the City of London. Built between 1971 and 1982, it regenerated an area which had been badly bombed during World War II.