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Number 1 Poultry, City of London: the main entrance foyer

James Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates

Lunching around one of the 25ft dials of the clock for the Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool

Thomas, Walter Aubrey (1859-1934)
NOTES: Designed in Edwardian Baroque style as the headquarters of the Royal Liver Assurance group and built in 1908-1911, this was the first reinforced concrete building to be built in the UK. The building is crowned by a pair of clock towers. See RIBA4161 for a similar version of this image.

TWA Terminal, John F Kennedy International Airport, New York: detail of clock

Saarinen, Eero (1910-1961)
NOTES: Built on the marshy tidelands of Idlewild Golf Course, this airport was originally known as Idlewild. It was renamed John F. Kennedy, on 24 December 1963 in honour of the recently assasinated American president. This image is a scan of an original negative.

Palazzo Ducale, (Doge's Palace), Venice: the courtyard with the Foscari wing on the right hand side.

Manopola, Bartolomeo (fl. 1597-1623)
NOTES: The facade of the Foscari wing was added by Bartolomeo Manopola in 1614, and the clock by Pietro Cittadella.

Civic Hall, Calverly Street, Leeds

Harris, Emanuel Vincent (1876-1971)

Bracken House, Cannon Street, City of London: the entrance hall in the old building

Richardson, Sir Albert Edward (1880-1964)
NOTES: Bracken House was built 1955-1958 for the Financial Times by Richardson. It was one of the first post-War buildings to be listed in 1987 and in 1988-1991 the central part was rebuilt and the building refurbished by Michael Hopkins and Partners for the Obayashi Corporation.

British Oxygen Company (BOC) offices, Hammersmith, London: the lift lobby of the executive office floor

Pym, Francis
NOTES: The walls are faced with Bleu Beige marble and the table has a white marble top.

Associated Electrical Industries (AEI), Grosvenor Place, London: corner detail of boardroom

Basil Spence & Partners
NOTES: The boardroom ceiling is Indian-red hide and the walls of yellow hide divided into panels by manganese-bronze strips. The chair shown here is teak with black leather upholstery and manganese-bronze fittings. Above is the purpose-designed wall clock with brass case and hands, engraved alabaster face and hours marked in wrought-iron