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Clock towers

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Cardiff City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff

Lanchester Stewart & Rickards

Preliminary designs for the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London

Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860)
NOTES: Barry's design for the Houses of Parliament did not originally include a clock tower. He was asked to include one and his first designs were added in 1836. Construction began in 1843 but the tower (the Elizabeth Tower) and its clock and great bell (Big Ben) were finished in 1859.

Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Hastings: view of the town centre looking towards the castle on the hill

Heffer, Edward Arthur (1836-1919)
NOTES: The Albert Memorial Clock Tower was built in 1864 by Edward Arthur Heffer, with sculpture by Edwin Stirling.

Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia, PIazza del Campo, Siena

Francesco di Rinaldo (fl. 1339-1344)
NOTES: The Palazzo Pubblico was completed in 1310 and the Torre del Mangia was designed by Francesco and Minuccio di Rinaldo and added in 1348 .

Town Hall, Aarhus

Jacobsen, Arne Emil (1902-1971)