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Baptistery, Parma

Antelami, Benedetto
NOTES: This is an octagonal pink marble structure inside of which there are sixteen arches, forming alcoves each containing a painted scene. Designed by Benedetto Antelami, who was director of works from 1196 to 1216, it was begun in the Romanesque style and completed in the Gothic.

Westminster Abbey, London: the gilt bronze tomb effigies of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in the Lady Chapel

Janyns, Robert, the Younger (fl. 1499-1506)
NOTES: The design of this chapel, built in 1503-1519, is attributed to the Henry VII's master masons Robert and William Vertue, and Robert Janyns. The gilt bronze effigies and Renaissance tomb were designed by Pietro Torrigiano in 1509-1517.

St George's Chapel, Windsor: the finial of a choir stall armrest

NOTES: Construction on the chapel was begun by Edward IV in 1475 under the direction of the master mason, Henry Janyns, and was completed during the reign of Henry VIII in 1528. The stalls were executed in 1478-1485 and the principal carver was William Berkley. However not all the misericords were made by the same hand.