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Cast iron

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Iron Bridge at Hawkesbury Junction, Warwickshire

Brindley, James (1716-1772)
NOTES: Engineered by James Brindley and completed after his death by his assistant, Samuel Simcock, the Coventry Canal was constructed from 1768 to 1790. Its connection with the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction was made in 1836. The bridge was cast at the Britannia Foundry in Derby, and was erected for the Coventry Canal Company in 1837.

Lock at Hack Green on the Shropshire Union Canal

Telford, Thomas (1757-1834)

1851 Centenary Pavilion, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell (1910-1999)

Ornamental ironwork bridge

Thomson, James (1800-1883)
SOURCE: James Thomson. Retreats: a series of designs, consisting of plans and elevations for cottages, villas, and ornamental buildings (London, 1827), pl. 32

Designs for Hungerford Market, Charing Cross, London: elevation and section of part of the roof of the fish market

Fowler, Charles (1792-1867)
NOTES: Fowler added this free-standing structure for the lower south court to provide shade while allowing ventilation and access to the side colonnades.

Iron Bridge, Ironbridge, Shropshire

Darby, Abraham III (1750-1791)
SOURCE: Giuseppe Valadier. L'Architettura pratica (Rome, 1829-1839), vol. 7 (plate vol.), pl. 232 NOTES: This bridge was designed by Thomas Farnolls Pritchard in 1775 and executed by Abraham Darby III in Coalbrookedale in 1777-1779. It was the first arch bridge of completely iron construction in the world.

Buildwas bridge over the River Severn, Shropshire

Telford, Thomas (1757-1834)
SOURCE: Giuseppe Valadier. L'Architettura pratica (Rome, 1829-1839), vol. 7 (plate vol.), pl. 233 NOTES: Buildwas bridge was Telford's first iron bridge, but has since been destroyed.

St Pancras Station, Euston Road, London: the train shed

Barlow, William Henry (1812-1902)
NOTES: The train shed on its completion in 1868 became the largest enclosed space in the world.