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Cast iron

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Artisan dwellings, Reginald Street, Dublin

Drew, Sir Thomas (1838-1910)
NOTES: This housing for the Dublin Artisan Dwellings Co. was begun in 1880 to the designs of Thomas Drew. The statue at the intersection under its cast iron canopy is of the Sacred Heart.

Design for cast-iron roof construction

Cockerell, Charles Robert (1788-1863)

View of the landing place of the Star Packets at the Royal Terrace Pier, proposed development and gardens, Milton-on-Thames, Gravesend, Kent

Wilds, Amon Henry (1790-1857)
NOTES: Wilds provided a plan for a 'new town' at Milton-on-Sea, Gravesend, around 1830. J. C. Loudon designed the terrace gardens in 1835 and Harmer Street, running up from the Pier, was built in 1836 as part of the grand scheme which never came to fruition. The pier itself was opened in 1844 (engineer J. B. Redman).

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York

Vaux, Calvert (1824-1895)
NOTES: A competition for the design of Central Park was held in 1858 as a consequence of Calvert Vaux's campaign against the plan previously adopted. The winning plan submitted by Calvert and Frederick Law Olmsted took almost twenty years to complete. Vaux was responsible for the architecture and designed most of the 46 bridges built in the park.

Moresque Building, Camp Street, New Orleans

Freret, James (1838-1897)
NOTES: The Moresque Building, built for J. O. Barelli, was the largest, and perhaps finest, cast-iron building in New Orleans as well as one of the most ornate commercial buildings in the United States. It was built to house rental stores and a hall and rooms for concerts. It was destroyed by fire in 1897.

Egeskov Castle, Kvaerndrup: an ornate cast-iron stove

NOTES: This residence, built by Frands Brockenhuus and completed in 1554, stands in the middle of a lake on a foundation of oak pilings. It underwent an extensive restoration by Helgo Zettervall, a Swedish architect, in the late 19th century.

Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, London: cast iron steps to the garden from the Waldegrave additions to the house

NOTES: This is part of Lady Waldegrave's additions to Walpole's house in the mid-19th century.

Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris: the reading room

Labrouste, Pierre Francois Henri (1801-1875)
SOURCE: Alphonse Gosset. Les coupoles d'orient et d'occident (Paris, 1889), pl. 24

St Pancras Station, Euston Road, London: details of the girders and columns for the undercroft of the train shed

Barlow, William Henry (1812-1902)
SOURCE: RIBA Transactions, vol. 21, 1870-1871, pl. before p. 117

Oxford University Museum, Parks Road, Oxford

Deane & Woodward
SOURCE: Builder, vol. 18, 1860 June 23, p. 399

Kirkgate Market, Bradford

Lockwood & Mawson
SOURCE: Architect, vol. 8, 1872 Oct. 19, after p. 218 NOTES: The first part of the covered market opened in 1871 and the building was completed in 1878. The market closed in 1973 and was subsequently demolished.