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Composite capital

G. A. Master of the Caltrop (fl. 1530s)
SOURCE: G. A. Master of the Caltrop. Engravings of bases and capitals (Rome, 16-?), plate 14

Euston Arch, Euston Station, London

Hardwick, Philip (1792-1870)
NOTES: This monumental arch was controversially demolished in 1962 to make way for a new modern complex, designed by R. L. Moorcroft, Midland regional architect of British Railways, completed in 1968.

Chiswick House, London: detail of the Corinthian columns

Burlington, Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of (1694-1753)
NOTES: Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington and 4th Earl of Cork, refronted the existing Chiswick House and designed and built the adjoining villa to display his art collection and entertain friends in 1727-1729. He was inspired on his grand tour by Palladio's Villa Capra 'La Rotonda' near Vicenza.

Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga, Berlin

Langhans, Carl Gotthard (1732-1808)
NOTES: The gate was designed by Carl Gotthard Langans in 1799-1791.The sculpture of the Quadriga with Viktoria above the gate was made by Johann Gottfried Schadow and added in 1793.

Oslo University: the main facade

Grosch, Christian Heinrich (1801-1865)

Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire: capital in the chapter house

NOTES: Considered an outstanding example of Norman and Early English architecture, this church was built between 1120 and 1286. It became the Cathedral Church of Nottinghamshire in 1884. Extensive restoration, which included the rebuilding of the nave roof, was undertaken by Ewan Christian in 1851-1888.

The five orders of architecture

SOURCE: Sir William Chambers. A treatise on civil architecture (London, 1759), plate facing p. 8

Alll Saints, Faringdon, Oxfordshire: a group of capitals on the crossing arch shafts

NOTES: This large, cruciform church is mostly 12th and 13th century.