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Brutalism: Expression of Structure

Clearly displayed structure and services with an emphasis on legibility, differentiation of parts. Common building elements include the use of columns, beams, cantilevers and setbacks.

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Tricorn Shopping Centre, Portsmouth, Hampshire: the parking garage

Owen Luder Partnership
NOTES: This controversial shopping centre was demolished in 2004.

Housing, Queen Elizabeth Square, Hutchesontown C, Gorbals, Glasgow: concrete pylons

Sir Basil Spence Glover & Ferguson
NOTES: Hutchesontown C was the name given to a so-called Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) of an area of the city of Glasgow, designed by Basil Spence in 1960-1965. The design of the central 20-storey block was inspired by Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation, Marseille. It was demolished in 1993.

Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London

Hodgkinson, Patrick (1930-2016)

Town centre phase 1, Cumbernauld New Town: the hotel

Cumbernauld Development Corporation
NOTES: Created as a population overspill for Glasgow City, Cumbernauld was designated a new town in 1955. Leslie Hugh Wilson was the first Chief Architect to the Cumbernauld Development Corporation (CDC) which oversaw the development, promotion and management of the New Town until 1996. He was succeeded in 1962 by Dudley Roberts Leaker.

Churchill College, Cambridge: the ventilation shaft

Richard Sheppard Robson & Partners

Masionettes, Coralline Walk, Lesnes, Thamesmead, Greenwich, London: close-up of the balconies

Greater London Council. Department of Architecture & Civic Design
NOTES: This is one of the images taken for 'Manplan 8: Housing' in Architectural Review, vol. 148, September 1970. Thamesmead was planned in 1965-1966 as a new town on the riverside marshes of south-east London between Plumstead and Erith. It was scheduled for completion in 1974 but was never fully finished and the projected population of 60,000 for the new town was downgraded to 45,000 by the end of the 1970s. From then around 400 houses were being built annually and by 1982, the population stood at 20,000. Since 2014 the managment and regeneration of the area has come under the aegis of Peabody.

The Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London: close-up of the ventilation shafts

Hodgkinson, Patrick (1930-2016)
NOTES: This complex was restored in 2003-2006 by Levitt Bernstein Associates in association with the original architect Patrick Hodgkinson.

Preston Bus Station, Lancashire

Building Design Partnership
NOTES: This is one of the images taken for 'Manplan 7: Local Government' in Architectural Review, vol. 148, 1970 July.

Brunel University, Uxbridge, London: the refectory and lecture theatre

Richard Sheppard Robson & Partners
NOTES: The master plan for Brunel was drawn up in 1965 by Richard Sheppard and the main buildings were completed by 1971, including the communal buildings, residences and lecture theatres.