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Art Deco: Colour and Decoration

Emphasis on bright colours, patterning and luxury materials.

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North House, North Street, London: bathroom

Hill, Oliver (1887-1968)

Gayfere House, Smith Square, London: bedroom

Hill, Oliver (1887-1968)

Daily Express Building, 120-129 Fleet Street, City of London: preliminary sketch for the interior decoration of the entrance hall

Atkinson, Robert (1883-1952)
NOTES: Atkinson's scheme for the interior decoration of the entrance hall incorporates plaster reliefs of 'Industry' by the sculptor Eric Aumonier.

Savoy Hotel, Strand, London: detail of the electric fireplace and mantelpiece of two toned mirrors with bracket supporting 'Kaspar the Cat' in the Pinafore Room

Ionides, Basil (1884-1950)
NOTES: This was the ladies' reading room and redecoration by Ionides incorporated electric lighting from pink-tinted bowls and silver and steel furniture contrasting with the pinkish hue of the floor and ceiling.

Eltham Palace, London: the dining room

Seely & Paget
NOTES: This royal palace was restored and extended from 1933 to 1936 by Seely & Paget.

Design for a living room

Groult, Andre (1884-1966)
SOURCE: Jean Badovici. Interieurs francais (Paris, 1925), pl. 29 NOTES: Raoul Dufy hand-coloured the majority of the plates in this book.