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Colosseum, Rome: section

SOURCE: Gabriel Pierre Martin Dumont. Parallele de plans des plus belles salles de spectacles d'Italie et de France (Paris, 1774?)

Naumachia (staged naval battle) in an amphitheatre

SOURCE: Fischer von Erlach. Entwurff einer historischen Architectur (Leipzig, 1725), book 2, pl. VI

Colosseum, Rome

SOURCE: George Wightwick. Select views of the Roman antiquities (London, 1827), between pl. 14 and 15

Conjectural reconstruction of the large theatre at Pompeii as it might have appeared between AD 68 and AD 79: perspective

NOTES: This watercolour was produced as a result of measurements and drawings executed by Cockerell of the site itself and was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1832.

Palais Gallien, Bordeaux: view of the ruins

NOTES: The Palais Gallien originally formed the entrance to a 3rd century amphitheatre in Ancient Roman Burdigala (now Bordeaux). In addition to being a landscape and architectural painter, lithographer and archaeologist, Bouet was also appointed Inspecteur de la Societe Francaise d'Archeologie. This drawing is one of a number of topographical studies and details of French, German, Italian and Swiss medieval architecture executed by him between around 1850 and 1865.

Design for a stage set depicting a galleried hall or amphitheatre

NOTES: This drawing is by an unidentified 18th century Italian architect.

Designs for the London Amphitheatre, Trafalgar Square, London: perspective from the north of the final design showing the portico of St Martin-in-the-Fields (left) and Northumberland House (right)

Goldicutt, John (1793-1842)
NOTES: This was a project by Goldicutt for a 'National Building to concentrate the Scientific Bodies of the Metropolis and to provide suitable accommodation for the encouragement of Infant Societies' based on the Colosseum in Rome.

Greek theatre, Syracuse, Sicily

NOTES: The cavea of this theatre is one of the largest ever built by the ancient Greeks. It has 67 rows divided into nine sections with eight aisles.