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Sant'Andrea, Mantua: the dome over the central crossing

RIBA Ref No RIBA130538
Architect/DesignerAlberti, Leon Battista (1404-1472)
Fancelli, Luca (1430-1495)
Romano, Giulio (c. 1499-1546)
Juvarra, Filippo (1678-1736)
Pozzo, Paolo (1741-1803)
Artist/PhotographerCharles, Martin (1940-2012)
Subject Date1494
Image Date1986
ViewInterior | Worm's-eye
Library ReferenceMC R 040486
Colour InfoBlack and white
CreditMartin Charles / RIBA Collections
SubjectFrescoes ; Churches ; Arches ; Domes
NOTES: The church was begun in 1471 just before Alberti's death. It was completed by Luca Fancelli in 1494. It was enlarged in 1530 under the direction of Giulio Romano. This involved the demolition of the east end of the nave-only design to make way for the later Latin cross extension. Designs were drawn up by Filippo Juvarra for the addition of a dome in 1733, but the project was not completed until 1781 by Paolo Pozzo, who was also responsible for decorating the interior. The fresco decoration is by Giorgio Anselmi. See RIBA157859 for a colour version of this image.

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