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Illustration showing people from a primitive society gathered around a fire in a woodland clearing

RIBA Ref No RIBA38299
Artist/PhotographerCesariano, Cesare (1483-1543)
Image Date1521
Library ReferenceEW E.d.383
Colour InfoBlack and white
CreditRIBA Collections
SubjectHeating and ventilating ; Human figure
SOURCE: Vitruvius. De Architectura (Como, 1521), ed. Cesare Cesariano, Liber segundus, p. XXXI verso NOTES: This 1521 edition of Cesare Cesariano's translation and commentary on Vitruvius's treatise entitled 'De Architectura' (Ten Books on Architecture) is the first edition of the treatise not in Latin. Vitruvius's original, unillustrated treatise was written during the first century BC. The woodcut illustrations in this edition, most probably drawn by Cesariano, are largely based on the cuts in the 1511 edition of Vitruvius edited by Giovanni Giocondo.

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