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Horyu-ji Temple, Horyu-ji Sannai, Ikaruga-cho, Nara Prefecture: the western precinct seen from the Great South Gate with the pagoda (Goju-no-To) on the left, the main hall (Kondo) on the right and the Great Lecture hall (Daikodo) in the centre

RIBA Ref No RIBA135710
Artist/PhotographerBarr, John
Subject Date600
Image Date2019
MediumDigital image
Library ReferenceBarr 19-01-02
Colour InfoBlack and white
CreditJohn Barr / RIBA Collections
SubjectTemples ; Halls ; Pagodas ; Timber construction
NOTES: Founded in the 7th century the Horyu-ji Buddhist Temple is considered to be one of the oldest extant wooden buildings in the world. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. A massive restoration programme was begun in 1934 and not completed until 1985. The temple complex is made of two areas, the Sai-in in the west and the To-in in the east. It also encompasses a five-storey pagoda and the main hall, known as the Kondo, both located in the western half of the complex.

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