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Erechtheion, Acropolis, Athens: view from the the west showing James 'Athenian' Stuart sketching in the foreground

RIBA Ref No RIBA3029-33
Artist/PhotographerStuart, James (1713-1788)
Subject Date1747
Image Date1747
Library ReferenceSD145/6
Colour InfoColour
CreditRIBA Collections
SubjectArtists ; Temples ; Architects ; Columns ; Ruins ; Caryatids
NOTES: It is likely this drawing dates from between 1751 and 1754, during Stuart's extensive travels in Greece.This image also appeared as an engraving in Stuart & Revett's 'The Antiquities of Athens' (London, 1787), vol. II, ch. ii, pl. II.

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SOURCE: Dan Cruickshank (ed.). Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of architecture, 20th ed. (Oxford: Architectural Press, 1996), p. 111